Latest change of plan

I have just read through my blog to date and I’m heartened by my enthusiasm throughout.  It’s a good reminder of my past plans and a boost towards my goal.  I still stand by my original definition of success:

Someone is reading my blog = a start.

Someone is reading my work = vaguely successful.

Someone has paid for my work = moderately successful.

I am earning enough to write for a living = SUCCESSFUL!

My blog now has some followers so I have achieved my starting point. Tick!

Now to tick the other 3 items on my list.  

I can’t help feeling that my original plan was slightly flawed.  I had initially stated that I would give away my early writing for free but I have changed my mind.  What if I was to charge a small amount? I’m aware that my early writings may not be up to professional standards but if I charge less than £1 for 5 short stories, if people don’t like them then they haven’t wasted much money or time.  I like to think of it as the writer’s equivalent of busking.  Someone buying a few short stories from me for a few pence is just like chucking coins into a busker’s guitar case.  They won’t miss the money but may appreciate a bit of art.

The most important part of that idea is: if even one person buys my book, I have achieved steps 2 and 3 of my goal simultaneously.

Watch this space!



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