The Arts – Innovation and Exploration

The arts are what we stay alive for, what we work all week for, what we dream about, what connects us and indeed, what some would say, makes us human.  Within this broad church is housed a myriad of professions, professions that some of you will perhaps participate in, help change and shape and evolve and I would like to poset today that it is the arts that has always been the driver of innovation and exploration.  I choose these words precisely because they are always accredited to science.  Innovation and exploration.

Cate Blanchett 26.09.14


What are you reading right now?

Following on from my post about reading more blog posts, I’m interested to know what everybody is reading away from their electronic devices. I thought it would be fun to keep a chain going. Don’t worry, I’m not going to threaten you with a slow and painful death within 3 days if you don’t respond to my question.

What are you reading right now?

Please join in so that I don’t look like a loner


Diane 🙂

Appreciative blogger!

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and noticed I had EIGHTY WordPress notifications.


This is new.

I was totally astounded by this and thought it must have been a mistake.  My first thought was it was down to the iOS 8 update I installed last night.  Then I realised that my phone was correct and I had gained around 40 followers overnight and had received numerous comments on my latest blog post.  What an excellent start to the day!

I have since realised that I owe my thanks to Opinionated Man once again.  Not only was he the inspiration for my last blog post but he has very kindly re-blogged my post.  Thanks for the piggy back OM, thank you to everyone for their likes and comments and hello to my new followers.  I will read through and reply to all comments later but I just wanted to pass on my collective thanks.  It really does feel like a community now.

Diane 🙂

Selfish blogger

I was reading OM’s post on his Harsh Reality blog about new/fellow bloggers and it inspired me.  I am relatively new to blogging and I still have a lot to learn.  I love receiving notifications telling me that someone has liked or commented on one of my posts but I have since realised that I have not been making enough effort to appreciate other people’s work.  I do follow people and I do skim through my reader but I think I should have been paying more attention.  I have not been reading as much as I should have, perhaps wasting my time looking at captioned pictures of cats on Facebook or pictures of what people eat for their dinner instead of reading carefully crafted blog posts by like-minded people.

I mentioned that I still have a lot to learn.  What better way to learn than from my fellow bloggers?  Wordpress is a community, after all, and I’m sure we can all learn from each other.  Today is the day I use it properly.  Today is the day I learn to read and appreciate the words that you have all taken the time to write.  No more selfish blogging!

Diane 🙂

OM’s post –

The magic formula for short stories

I was looking for some short story writing advice when I came across a quote from John Steinbeck:

“I have written a great many stories and I still don’t know how to go about it except to write it and take my chances.”

It struck me how true this is.  No more searching for magic formulas.  The key is to just do it.

You can see the rest of the article here.