Finding inspiration wherever you are

I’ve read articles and letter pages before, in which the question – Where do you get your ideas from? – is asked to a published writer. It’s as if people expect that they are able to pluck them from an ideas tree or an idea for a story will drop out of the sky and land at their feet.  The truth is, ideas are everywhere.  I don’t particularly like my job most days but I have found that working in a busy office with a variety of people provides ideas and inspiration for short stories.  Rather than grumbling inwardly about the daily commute, the mind-numbing boredom I feel at doing tedious tasks, the idiotic office politics and wishing that I was at home writing (ok, I still do that), I take the chance to observe whenever I can.  Throughout my time in this job, I have come across people with big personalities.  I have heard some stories that are stranger than fiction too and yes, I have used this as inspiration.  I always take care to change names and situations to protect the guilty.

So, where do you get your ideas from?

Di 🙂


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