Appreciative blogger!

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and noticed I had EIGHTY WordPress notifications.


This is new.

I was totally astounded by this and thought it must have been a mistake.  My first thought was it was down to the iOS 8 update I installed last night.  Then I realised that my phone was correct and I had gained around 40 followers overnight and had received numerous comments on my latest blog post.  What an excellent start to the day!

I have since realised that I owe my thanks to Opinionated Man once again.  Not only was he the inspiration for my last blog post but he has very kindly re-blogged my post.  Thanks for the piggy back OM, thank you to everyone for their likes and comments and hello to my new followers.  I will read through and reply to all comments later but I just wanted to pass on my collective thanks.  It really does feel like a community now.

Diane 🙂


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