Writing software – useful or pointless?

After my flurry of writing, I have accumulated a pile of Writing Magazines so I’m now in reading mode. Today I read an article about writing software. The writer and an interviewee feel that Word is no use for larger projects such as novels. They recommend programmes such as Scrivener and Ulysses (Mac only).

Scrivener apparently allows different files for different scenes and allows you to drag and drop them wherever you please. In Word, you would have to do lots of scrolling and cutting and pasting.

Ulysses is similar but less complex than Scrivener and can only be used on a Mac.

I have never used anything other than Word but I agree that it’s not easy to move around sections without scrolling back through the file. I wrote 13,000 words towards my novel and find it difficult to move up and down the file so I’m guessing 80,000 words or more would be a nightmare.

Does anyone use writing software?

If so, what do you recommend?

If not, do you have a method for keeping track of what you have written towards your novel?

I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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