In the past, the word troll would conjure up an image of a childhood toy with bright-coloured hair that stood on end – a little odd-looking, cute at a push but certainly not offensive.  As I got a little older, I discovered J.R.R Tolkien and trolls became scarier.  But, the new wave of trolls are the worst yet.

The new wave of trolls used to be unseen.  They hid behind computers and tapped out comments designed to offend others but these trolls became bolder and no longer feel the need to be anonymous.  Perhaps it is the thirst for fame.  A lot of people fancy themselves as a model or a comedian or both but does it have to come at the expense of human decency?  Would these people say aloud the things they type?  Trolls are now in the spotlight.  What are they looking for?  Notoriety?  Or is it possible they just don’t think about the impact of their actions?

Glasgow experienced a tragedy on 22 December.  A bin lorry careered out of control and mowed down several shoppers, leaving six people dead and eight people injured.  This was an unfortunate freak accident, the cause of which is yet to be announced, and has impacted on the lives of all involved and the people of Glasgow and throughout Scotland.

A troll from Sunderland (who I won’t name to deny him any further publicity) thought it would be funny to make light of this tragedy in an offensive, vaguely racist joke on Twitter.  He was arrested on suspicion of making a malicious communication.  I think it’s great that the police are cracking down on this kind of thing.  In a way it kind of makes a mockery of freedom of speech but why should people be allowed to spread hatred and hurt with their words?

Katie Hopkins, a so-called celebrity, has been getting away with this for too long.  She regularly appears on television show This Morning and has upset viewers with her snobbish views about children’s names, ginger babies and overweight people.  Almost daily, she posts something on Twitter that someone finds offensive.  While I realise that everyone is entitled to an opinion and we have freedom of speech in Britain, I don’t think her latest set of tweets are acceptable and fall into the same category as the troll from Sunderland – malicious communication.  Her comments were not about the bin lorry crash in Glasgow but about the news that a nurse from Glasgow had contracted Ebola and was being transferred to London for treatment.  I’m loathe to repeat her tweet and give her any more attention than she is already attracting but here is what was said:

Not only is she being disrespectful to Scottish people but she is being disrespectful to our health service (of which I’m sure she has no first hand experience or knowledge) and the people who work within it.  I believe she is trying to incite hatred between England and Scotland, off the back of the recent independence referendum.

This can be further emphasised by this:

and the fact that she is trying to rile our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon:

” Dear small woman, the people of England would like a thank you for the health care we are providing for your ebola victim.”

Surely this goes beyond freedom of speech.  She has been reported to police for a hate crime against overweight people and others feel it is time she was charged for her hateful comments about Scotland.  Please see link to link below and if you agree, please sign.

The petition is to be sent to Police Scotland and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to action.  With a bit of luck, Katie Hopkins will be charged and will perhaps think before spreading any more poison.

With regards to the ongoing battle against trolls, the internet is a difficult place to police but I believe good will prevail.  It’s up to the people with common decency to keep the peace.  Look out trolls, we’re after you!


One thought on “Trolls!

  1. I will never understand what drives people like this. Is it narcissism? Some bizarre need for attention no matter what type of attention it is? We experience an overload of this daily in the US. I no longer read any comments on news sites, and I find more and more I am shying away from Facebook. I had my first troll experience on my blog just yesterday when I received a vicious comment in response to a post about police officers. I am with you in the battle to eliminate the trolls!

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