You snooze, you lose!

I succumbed to the snooze button once more. After late nights studying for example, I talked myself into having that little bit extra time to snooze. However, by the time it comes to snoozing I’m awake anyway, maybe not fully but awake enough to be aware. This morning, I added an alarm to my Fitbit (as well as my standard iPhone alarm) so the vibration on my wrist was hard to ignore! I got straight up, wrote for 10 minutes and then had a 10 minute workout before the kids woke. I do feel good for it. I feel like I’ve achieved something. I want to continue with the “you snooze, you lose” attitude. I felt productive before I had even left for work this morning. Time well spent!

My Own Little Piece of Internet

I have heard stories of writers compelled to write and somehow, seemingly through the use of magic, they are able to conjure up time where it doesn’t seem to exist i.e in between working a full-time job, looking after a family/pets, looking after yourself, navigating through an increasingly busy modern life and not forgetting sleep. People have to sleep. I always wondered how this magic works. How do they find the motivation to make this extra time?

I’ve mentioned before that Elmore Leonard used to get up at 5 and write for 2 hours before going to work.  While this is admirable, the thought of doing this fills me with dread and given the fact I also have to ready two small children for school/nursery before I leave for work just before 8, this is not really possible for me anyway.  I’m not being negative or procrastinating, it’s just the…

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