I feel better when the wasps in my brain die off.

Thoughts can be so noisy sometimes.  Buzz, buzz, buzz goes the worry, worry, worry about silly, irrelevant, irrational things.

I’m thankful that these spells are few and far between for me but when they do hit, they are overwhelming and frankly, a little frightening.  Perhaps I’m not unique in this.  I can, after all, only experience my own thoughts.  My mind and moods are predominantly calm.  I do feel like I’m quite level-headed generally and I’m thankful for that but then that probably makes the contrast so stark when the nest is disturbed.  I can’t explain where it comes from so I guess the only thing I can do is see it off.

So how can I exterminate the thoughts that not only buzz but sting?  What is the mental version of neutralising a sting, like vinegar is to a physical one?



Quieten the mind.

Gain clarity.

Ten minutes of meditation works wonders.  Today I can analyse myself without feeling the anxiety that accompanied the wasp chorus.  I realise that:

I feel better when I’m not trying to read people’s minds.  Their thoughts are none of my business. 

I feel better when I am not trying to analyse group text messages and look for some hidden meaning, some reason why I might have offended someone or wondering whether their comment is offensive.  I didn’t and no, it isn’t or wasn’t intended to be anyway.

Paranoia ain’t good.  Another point is, not everyone thinks the same way or communicates in the same way as me.  While a comment might look offensive to me, if the same thing had been said verbally rather than in writing, it would possibly seem innocent.  Different mediums give different meanings to words. 

I feel better when I don’t worry so much about how I appear to others.  Being able to look myself in the eye is more important.  Being able to hold my head high means more.

I feel better when I don’t expect everyone to like me.  They might do but I feel better not wondering about it!  I have a husband, son, daughter, mother, father, grandparents, aunties, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends who love me.  That means more, a hell of a lot more than fake friendships in real life or reality. AND WHAT DOES IT MATTER ANYWAY? 

I feel better when I am being kind to myself.   And why not?  I have to live with myself.

I feel better after writing this.


A Few Things Writers Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

The difference between athletes and writers is that athletes can see a physical result. They can see their body changing, their performance improving and they have a tangible result at the end – a placing or if they’re successful enough, a medal. Writers (I think) seem to think their pursuit is not as worthy because there is no external reward – unless they have successful book sales etc. A lot of the time the reward is internal and is a solitary experience. However, that shouldn’t make it any less important.  The mindset of an athlete is very inspiring and writers could learn a lot from it.  In particular, competing with yourself to get the best result.  Focus on your own performance and ultimately, just do it!


I am really enjoying watching the Rio Olympics. It has been a really inspirational sporting event and…one which one makes me feel guilty for sitting on my sofa, wedging another slice of pizza into my mouth, as some poor athlete belts around the track. The Olympics has also provided me with a creative boost which […]

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Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming by Neil Gaiman

I happened across an article on BrainPickings.org about reading and it makes so many valid points about why reading is important.  I won’t regurgitate what I read but I wanted to share the article because I think it’s worth sharing.  Ours is a book house.  We own books, we read them, we use the local library too.  I read every night before going to bed and at various points throughout the day.  I have always read to my kids before bedtime as part of their wind-down routine.  My son is now old enough to read most things himself and so I let him pick what he wants to read.  At the moment, it’s Pokemon or Minecraft manuals which is not necessarily what I would choose for him but the important thing is he enjoys reading them.  He is absorbing.  He is learning.  He is enjoying books.

Long live the art of reading!

Here is the article —>  Why We Read and What Books Do for the Human Experience


Di 🙂


Help please! Twitter feed


I would like to add a Twitter feed to my page but I seem to be encountering confusing advice.  I found instructions of how to set it up (via Twitter settings) but it seems to want me to copy and paste HTML code and as it’s for a WordPress site, I have had no involvement in HTML coding.

I found another suggestion of plug-ins but these don’t appear to be allowed on WordPress.

To anyone with a Twitter feed on your page, can you please tell me how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Di 🙂

Happiness is an inside job

“When you are Positive; Happiness comes from within!!”

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I absolutely agree with this.  Happiness does begin in your own mind but it can then be projected into the outside world.  Moods are contagious so rather than spreading hate, anger, jealousy and other negative emotions, we should be spreading happiness and love.  Start for the inside and work outwards.  Pass it on!