2 Catholic nuns fall in love, divorce the church … and then tie the knot

Love story of the day 🙂


Behold a love story for the ages. It’s a tale about Isabel and Federica and […]

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Why you should be careful about lending books to people

I overheard a conversation in which a man was talking about going on holiday.  He said he had borrowed a book from a friend for his journey to America last year but hadn’t managed to read it.  He said he still had the book but if he didn’t manage to read it this year, he would read it next year.

Two things struck me about this.  Firstly, why bother taking the book if you have no intention of reading it?  Don’t pretend to be a reader if you’re not.  What’s the point?  Two years to attempt to read a book seems pointless to me.

Secondly, someone else has been missing their book for two years.

Even worse than this, however, is that the other man in the conversation had also borrowed a book from the same person and had (after a row with him) pissed on the book before drying it out and returning it to him.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but just wanted to put it out there – be careful who you lend books to!


Why do people exist?

I was putting my 6 year old daughter to bed last night and she asked me a question.  This is not unusual – both my kids want to chat and ponder life’s complexities as soon as it’s time for them to go to sleep – but what was unusual was I didn’t have an answer.

Why do people exist?

I don’t know.

We know how but why?  Without meaning to sound pessimistic, we are born, we live and then we die.  We might have a few fun decades but what is the real point? Why are we here? What can we give to Earth other than melting polar caps, war, destruction etc. Us humans are wrecking our planet.  It existed before us and could exist without us and probably even thrive, regaining the vitality lost through the pollution we generate daily. 

I couldn’t give her more than an I-don’t-know-but-what-do-you-think? kind of answer.  I know that’s a cop out but I guess it is one of life’s unanswerable questions.
If you are wondering what answer my daughter gave when I turned the question round, she didn’t.  My son chipped in and told her monkeys made us.  She seemed to accept that as fact and didn’t ask why the monkeys did that.  Perhaps that’s a discussion for another day.  Jeez, bedtimes can be exhausting.

Building Confidence As a… Writer (2) — Live to Write – Write to Live

This is absolutely true.  Writing upon waking is my new habit.  Even if I am writing a load of nonsense, I am still getting into the habit of the act of writing and the act of thinking about writing too.  On the days I don’t do this (usually the weekend) I feel a little lost.

I need to build on my writing time.  Presently I manage a small slot in the morning and some evenings but I need to sneak a little writing into my day time too.  I want to do this.  I know I can do this but if I ever feel doubt creeping in, I will refer back to this post for motivation.

Thank you Lisa Jackson!



Last week was the first in a series of posts about how to build confidence as a writer. I use the ellipsis to show that the tips can be used in almost any area of life, not just the writing portion. The first post was about starting your day off with something that makes you […]

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A small confession and a minor rant

I don’t read or watch the news.  The only current events I know of are those I hear about on the radio or on the front page of newspapers or on homepages.  In other words, the news I can’t escape.  Perhaps I may not be the most educated person because of that but I’m happy to minimise the information I take in, feeling that it will stop me going round the twist.

Today, however, we had a slow day at work (some of our systems crashed) and so I indulged in a little bit of celebrity gossip on the internet.  I know what you’re thinking and I agree – I don’t know why I did it.  Anyway, here comes the minor rant.  Why is it that the word “shamed” is so frequently used these days?  Usually it’s hyphenated with body.  This woman has been body-shamed because she has muscular biceps and people think only men should have muscly arms.  Another woman has been body-shamed and had to lose weight to feel comfortable in a bikini again.  Another woman has been body-shamed because a TV host said she had a “normal” body.  WT-actual-F?

Firstly, if these celebrities don’t want people to comment, they shouldn’t post so many pictures of themselves half-naked.  However, the part that grinds my gears most is the overuse of the term “body-shaming.”  Never, since I heard the word “miraculous” being used as a substitute for the word “drunk” (Scots slang) or “epic” in place of any other superlative, has modern language annoyed me so much.

It’s lucky that there is a solution – don’t read trashy websites.  Lesson learned.


Everything is connected these days.  Technology has made it super convenient for us to stay in touch with people.  While this may be great in theory, sometimes it is just too much.  I have found it helpful lately to limit the time I spend looking at my phone; sometimes muting conversations, sometimes deleting apps and I have noticed that it leads to a less turbulent mind!  I saw this article by Martha Beck retweeted recently and felt it resonated with me.  It may with you too!

Logging Off: The Power of Disconnection

Di 🙂