A small confession and a minor rant

I don’t read or watch the news.  The only current events I know of are those I hear about on the radio or on the front page of newspapers or on homepages.  In other words, the news I can’t escape.  Perhaps I may not be the most educated person because of that but I’m happy to minimise the information I take in, feeling that it will stop me going round the twist.

Today, however, we had a slow day at work (some of our systems crashed) and so I indulged in a little bit of celebrity gossip on the internet.  I know what you’re thinking and I agree – I don’t know why I did it.  Anyway, here comes the minor rant.  Why is it that the word “shamed” is so frequently used these days?  Usually it’s hyphenated with body.  This woman has been body-shamed because she has muscular biceps and people think only men should have muscly arms.  Another woman has been body-shamed and had to lose weight to feel comfortable in a bikini again.  Another woman has been body-shamed because a TV host said she had a “normal” body.  WT-actual-F?

Firstly, if these celebrities don’t want people to comment, they shouldn’t post so many pictures of themselves half-naked.  However, the part that grinds my gears most is the overuse of the term “body-shaming.”  Never, since I heard the word “miraculous” being used as a substitute for the word “drunk” (Scots slang) or “epic” in place of any other superlative, has modern language annoyed me so much.

It’s lucky that there is a solution – don’t read trashy websites.  Lesson learned.


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