Why do people exist?

I was putting my 6 year old daughter to bed last night and she asked me a question.  This is not unusual – both my kids want to chat and ponder life’s complexities as soon as it’s time for them to go to sleep – but what was unusual was I didn’t have an answer.

Why do people exist?

I don’t know.

We know how but why?  Without meaning to sound pessimistic, we are born, we live and then we die.  We might have a few fun decades but what is the real point? Why are we here? What can we give to Earth other than melting polar caps, war, destruction etc. Us humans are wrecking our planet.  It existed before us and could exist without us and probably even thrive, regaining the vitality lost through the pollution we generate daily. 

I couldn’t give her more than an I-don’t-know-but-what-do-you-think? kind of answer.  I know that’s a cop out but I guess it is one of life’s unanswerable questions.
If you are wondering what answer my daughter gave when I turned the question round, she didn’t.  My son chipped in and told her monkeys made us.  She seemed to accept that as fact and didn’t ask why the monkeys did that.  Perhaps that’s a discussion for another day.  Jeez, bedtimes can be exhausting.


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