Why you should be careful about lending books to people

I overheard a conversation in which a man was talking about going on holiday.  He said he had borrowed a book from a friend for his journey to America last year but hadn’t managed to read it.  He said he still had the book but if he didn’t manage to read it this year, he would read it next year.

Two things struck me about this.  Firstly, why bother taking the book if you have no intention of reading it?  Don’t pretend to be a reader if you’re not.  What’s the point?  Two years to attempt to read a book seems pointless to me.

Secondly, someone else has been missing their book for two years.

Even worse than this, however, is that the other man in the conversation had also borrowed a book from the same person and had (after a row with him) pissed on the book before drying it out and returning it to him.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but just wanted to put it out there – be careful who you lend books to!



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