Why is it that everything is offensive these days?  Or is it? It’s more likely that people are poised to be offended.  They expect it.  Everyone can have their say via social media.  Everyone can be a social commentator and so most people are.  To be very black and white here, there are three kinds of people;  the offender, the offended and the rare person who is not tied in to social media and current trends.  Some people write what they want to regardless of what others think.  Yes, there will be some writers trying to provoke the PC brigade (see also trolls) but otherwise, it’s just journalism (news) or opinion (social media).  It’s just words.  On the other side are the keyboard gangsters who think they can put the world to rights.

Whenever I look at Facebook, there is a fresh outrage – politics, sport, annoyance over latest craze (bottle flipping, Hatchimals etc) or just plain old anonymous aimed statuses.

Chill out folks!  Why be so angry and offended all the time?  Why not just accept some things as they are and move on?  If you don’t like something, fine.  We all have different tastes, beliefs, morals.  We all have different brains, different ways of thinking about things but think about this – would we be as annoyed about these things if we had to vent our opinion to someone’s face?  It’s just too easy to hide behind a keyboard.

That being said, I totally agree that this is the most offensive image I have seen in a while.  Something has to be done about this!


Daylight robbery!

Anyway, back to the point.  We need to rediscover patience and tolerance.  Instant access to everything has made us impatient and intolerant.

Two things to consider before typing:

  1.  Would you like to be spoken to with such vitriol as we often witness online?
  2. Would you use those words if you were speaking directly to that person?


I’m guessing not.