The Apostrophiser


Nevermind Batman.

Nevermind Superman.

Here comes The Apostrophiser.

In the news recently was a man from Bristol who is crusading against grammar mistakes, in particular rogue apostrophes, by taking matters into his own hands and making the necessary corrections.

He calls himself a “grammar vigilante” and has gone so far as to create a device called The Apostrophiser (rather like a large Tippex mouse – though not shaped like one, though that would be cool) to remove unnecessary apostrophes.

He remains anonymous and makes these changes without the permission of the shop owners.  Throughout the course of the interview, some shop owners were interviewed; one didn’t notice anything different about his sign and the other did and was appreciative, surprisingly.

Although grammatical mistakes irk me, this guy is going to extremes. The amount of time and money he must have poured into his mission must be astounding. Not to mention the fact that he is not a loner but a family man. I wonder what his family think about his mission or are they in the dark too?  Also, what is it about Bristol that provokes anonymous community service? See also Banksy and his public art.  In fact, the narrator actually refers to him as “the Banksy of punctuation.” Continue reading


What comes easier to you…………

…………dialogue or description?  I am currently participating in NaNoWriMo and I have found that so far, the bulk of my work has been made up by dialogue.  Until now, I didn’t realise that I felt so comfortable writing it.  The aim is, by the end of November I will have written around 50,000 words towards a novel.  I know it will be very rough.  In fact, I am itching to edit but know that I can’t.  The method of just writing and not editing has been good for me.  I am working through the story quicker.  I know I will have to add flesh to the bones but I have enjoyed not picking it apart because I now realise that it was debilitating in the past.  By the end of this month, I could have written my first novel.  What an exciting prospect!

Is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

If not, what are your thoughts on writing dialogue? Do you find it easier than descriptive writing?

What do you think about writing without editing?

I’d love to hear from you.

Diane 🙂

Traditional vs self-publishing or a happy medium?

The debate over whether traditional publishing is better than self-publishing has long since rumbled on. As technology continues to improve and opportunities for self-publishing become easier by the day, this debate is not going to go away. Personally, I would love to receive a traditional publishing contract and all the trimmings that go with it. Realistically though, I know that self-publishing (digitally) is a better bet. DIY publishing allows you full control over your work, cover design, pricing etc. On the flip-side, this responsibility means that you are liable for it all. I have read many e-books peppered with incorrect words and erroneous spelling but seldom have I found this with published books. Traditional publishing involves professionals helping you along the way, leading your baby into adulthood, so to speak. What if there was a way to strike a balance?

The article in the link below inspired me to write this post:

A look at traditional publishing

In it, Liesel Schwartz states “It is physically impossible to edit work that you have written yourself to a final standard.”

I hadn’t previously considered the possibility of involving anyone else in my writing/editing process but this article has made me reconsider.

I’d love to hear your opinion.  Get in touch!

Diane 🙂