Ten is the magic number

Ten is the magic number.

Ten minutes of writing upon waking.

Ten minutes of exercise to start the day.

Ten minutes of meditation.

Ten minutes of any large or daunting household task – made smaller by chipping away at it.

Ten minutes of reading before bed.

Ten might be a small number but this small number is helping me be more productive.  It’s helping me form good habits, the kind of habits that will help me get on.  I want to be a writer but I wasn’t writing.  I want to lose weight but I wasn’t exercising.  I want to keep my new house tidy – this will be the hardest one.

It’s a start.  I will build on this but in the meantime, ten minutes of effort goes a long way.


Di 🙂




As I sat down to write tonight, I took off my socks and realised that this seems to be the norm for me – writing barefoot.  It’s not a deliberate ritual, more like a habit but it got me thinking about the rituals of other writers.  Some of the greatest writers ever known had some quirky ideas about how to achieve their best.  If it works for them – maybe it could work for me!