Overview – 2018

I started my love affair with running in February 2018 right before the heavy snow came. The
Beast From The East knocked me off stride before I had even really got going. Being cooped
up in the
house led to boredom eating and some evenings, boredom drinking. When I returned
to work, stress helped contribute to these destructive habits - mainly stress eating.

It was to be a while before I got back into positive habits but I did.

Some highlights from my first year as a runner


Running with the kids while they cycled

Ran with hubby once – it’s a rarity due to childcare


I probably pulled off some of my best runs on own

I love to run in the rain 🙂

I competed in my first race


AND…I signed up for my first half marathon – March 2019


Obstacles in 2018

Extreme stress at work/anxiety
- the worst I have ever felt mentally and physically.
I made this
note in my phone of the symptoms:

Boozy week away for my friend’s hen do – it was HUGE fun at the time but wrecked my
good habits and was hard to come back from.

Binge eating / mindless eating – looking back now, I’m assuming it was a coping mechanism
to combat stress. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Poor overall diet / relationship with alcohol

Ended the year the heaviest weight I have ever been

How I overcame these obstacles

Vowed to look after my body better – starting with swearing off alcohol for at least 3 months
while I train for the half marathon.

Diet has also improved – making the best choices I can but not stressing if I fancy a bar
of chocolate or a packet of crisps. Using MyFitnessPal to track calories in and exercise.

Generally finding better coping mechanisms i.e not turning to food or alcohol
in an attempt to feel better. Running, reading, writing, breathing exercises.

Feeling fitter, healthier and happier already, one month in. Long may it continue.