February 2019

The highlight of January was my first practice half-marathon on 27th. I set off only half believing I could do it but I did and with that came a boost in confidence – I did it and I would do it again. I vowed to have another practice run in February before the real deal on 31 March and this time I was going to be faster.

24 February 2019

And I was. I was approximately 20 minutes faster. Having the knowledge I could do it certainly helped. I didn’t go quite as easy on myself and I wasn’t constantly checking Strava to see how far I had ran.

I noticed more of my surroundings this time round too. It was a misty morning so I had a brief pause to take a couple of hill pics:



It was also a good day for wildlife and I spotted grey squirrels, lots of swans, geese (flying overhead), a sparrow hawk (flying overhead with its breakfast in its beak!) a (dead) owl and surprisingly, in a sparse area of greenery, some beautiful birds which I later identified as wagtails.

Pied Wagtail

Now unable to find the owner of photo for credit but thank you!

Grey Wagtail

Photo credit – Julia Trafford – blog

In the days that followed, I spoke with people who had ran the Alloa Half Marathon before and realised I had been running the wrong practice route – a slightly more difficult version. I had been running up a hill unnecessarily. The real route has an extra bit of block to run round rather than a hill so that’s a bonus, being able to stay at a consistent speed on the flat but then again, I won’t get to pick up speed by running down the other side of the hill!

Another notable run in February

A short run up (part of)the winding path to Myreton in the Ochil hills one fresh Sunday morning. I was treated to this view as a reward 😊

Panoramic shot of Menstrie

Birdseye view of Menstrie

Wallace Monument, Stirling in the distance

Looking ahead to March and the plan is simply to run as much as I can. There will be no more 13.1 mile runs until 31 March but I will squeeze in as many small runs as I can.

My husband and I chose to run the Alloa Half Marathon on behalf of SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and would welcome any donations.

Please sponsor us here.

Diet and hydration will also continue to be a primary consideration, as I work towards improving my fitness.

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