I really am a writer now

Following my last post about writing within a specific time frame, I am pleased to report it works wonders for me.  I have been setting the timer for 30 minutes and working in 30 minute bursts.  I have a small 5 – 10 minute break and then repeat the process.  My procrastination is almost cured or at least excused in the form of a break 🙂

The amount of work I have done tonight is a major increase in comparison with my usual output.  It is Saturday night and I am writing rather than drinking alcohol and watching rubbish television programmes.  Progress indeed.  I don’t have anything published yet but I have finally reached a point through dedication and persistence where I can say I AM A WRITER and feel worthy of it.



Writing in a specific time frame

Recently I have been guilty of procrastinating when I should be writing.  I know all writers are guilty of it yet it is still something we want to conquer.  I read in a magazine that some writers set a timer and write for that amount of time.  I thought I would give it a go.  I initially set the timer for 30 minutes and wrote for those 30 minutes solid.  I then discovered I needed longer so added another 15 minutes.  If you are struggling to concentrate on the job at hand, I would recommend setting the timer.  It worked for me and is a method I will adopt again.