Hazard of writing while tired…..

….you may forget to save the words you typed earlier.  Word count on NaNoWriMo tonight = minus 728



A challenge!

A leaflet fell out of my magazine for The Bridport Prize.  Could it be a sign? I’m taking it as one!  Where is the harm in entering this competition? There’s none at all.  I am a fledgling writer and I know the odds of me winning are slim but not as slim as if I don’t enter at all – and herein lies the challenge.

For short stories, the required word count is 5000 words.  At the rate I write, I would struggle to write a new story in 27 days.  Oh yes, I forgot to say, the deadline is 31 May.

So, the plan is to use a short story I have already written.  I have the ideal story in mind.  As I write this, the aforementioned story only contains 1500 words so I have to fatten this bird up.  27 days to write an additional 3500 words.  Eek!

Not to worry, I’m relishing the challenge.  I may not win but I’m going to have fun trying.  If nothing else, it will give me practice in discipline and working to a deadline.  Perhaps this is just the boost I needed.

Self-imposed deadline coming up next month for the completion of my first short story compilation.  Watch this space!